Shipping Companies

Registration of ships and Yachts is governed by the Merchant Shipping Act 1992. Seychelles has become an obvious choice for luxury vessel registration due to its attractive registration laws and stable weather conditions.
A Seychelles IBC is eligible for registering a Vessel or Yacht under the Seychelles flag.

Advantages of registering a Vessel in Seychelles:

  • Exemption of all business taxes, work permits, and social security contributions for non-Seychellois personnel.
  • No tax is paid on the salaries of officers and crew of the Seychelles ship which operate in international water.
  • Ownership of the ship can be 100% foreign
  • When registering a second ship within 12 months of the first registration, owners of ships are entitled to a rebate of 30% on second ship.
  • No publication of identity of principals.
  • No tax on the profits by an IBC which own ships under the Seychelles flag and operates in international waters. Further no tax on the dividends paid by the Seychelles IBC.
  • No tax is paid on the sale or transfer of a Seychelles vessel or of the shares in its own company.

Owing to the above benefits, ship-owner companies will find a Seychelles Flag as highly beneficial. Premier can assist you with the registration and cost effective management of your vessel.

Premier Financial Services (Seychelles) Limited provides the following services with respect to the activities of the Shipping Companies:

  • Advice and formation of the Shipping Company
  • Application and Renewal of Shipping Registrations
  • Provision of registered office address.
  • Provide professional directors and qualified secretary in Seychelles .
  • Open bank account.
  • Preparation of quarterly accounts and filing with the authorities (if required).
  • Prepare and file tax returns (if required).

If you require a Seychelles Company or need advice for your needs, please call our Expert Team who will assist you with your requirements. You are invited to call us at + 248 430 3777 / 430 3771. You may send your enquiries by email: or by fax at +248 432 5616.

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